DATE: October 21 - 23, 2022

LOCATION: Lava Hot Springs, ID

This retreat is for you if you:

  • Desire to gain a stronger sense of self.
  • Often feel unsatisfied or lost.
  • Struggle letting go of external pressures.
  • Feel there is more to you than your current state.
  • Need help finding a creative outlet.
Bringing together your mind, body and soul into a synergistic state will allow you to let go of what's holding you back. You will break through internal barriers that will help create a beautiful authentic state.

Your MIND will be stimulated by learning tools to cope with stress and work through struggles.

Your BODY will be invigorated through movement, yoga, and expressive dance.

Your SOUL will be enlightened as you learn more about your individual essence through workshops and an expressive art activity.

Time at Synergize:

Synergize will start on Friday, October 21st at 5:30pm and end on Sunday, October 23rd after our hot springs relaxation and integration time around 1PM, however, feel free to enjoy the hot springs as long as you want! Your time at Synergize will be spent with other like-minded women who are seeking a similar inner connectivity. Synergize will provide an environment of respect and love in which you will feel safe to dive deep into yourself and enter into a creative flow.

Activities will Include:

  • Orientation circle
  • Art project
  • Time to socially connect
  • Workshops
  • Individual reflection time
  • Yoga
  • Circuit style bootcamp
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Sacred Shakti Dance
  • Sharing Circles
  • Hot springs
  • Eating lot of good food!

Food at Synergize:

All meals are included in your stay. They will be provided by Fresh Prep Meals and will be prepared on the spot.

Fresh Prep Meals uses the best ingredients with your health in mind. We want you to walk away from Synergize with soul and body fed with the best.

Dietary Restriction Friendly! Make your needs known in the sign up questionnaire after you've registered.

Meet your Hosts

Misty Olsen

Hi! I am a Licensed therapist and fitness professional. I believe that our mental and physical health have a necessary bond!! My goal is to help women create this connection with the goal of diving deeper into living authentically and accepting self! I am dedicated to learning the intricacies of change, motivation and authenticity. I believe that life is absolutely full of barriers and just as equally, opportunity. Choosing to honor your unique essence as a human and choosing to act authentically will create freedom. I will walk you through a three part series on choosing authenticity, self-acceptance, and creating vision.

Jade Nelson

I learned early on that for me it was essential to find ways to express myself creatively. It was how I processed the oppressive influences at play in my life. I've always had a deep resistance to being stifled, and art allowed me an outlet, a way to resist the judgments that sometimes go along with being unapologetically unique. Of course along the way I learned many hard lessons that come with this path, but those lessons are a part of the magic I carry in my soul. I believe that ultimately one needs to make those mistakes along the way, so that we can find healthy ways to test our own boundaries as we continue to evolve.

Currently I am testing the boundaries of motherhood in all of its glory and all of its responsibility. The greatest lesson so far of becoming a mother has been to surrender to the moment. Not to live in the past or attempt to hold on to who I used to be but to be who I am in this moment a mother, a lover and as always myself. So please allow me to introduce myself. I am Jade Co-Creator of Synergize, safe space sorceress, and your guide to find your own creative process.

Meet your Facilitators

Tammy Moore

Yoga Instructor

Teaching yoga for 20+ years, being a registered nurse specializing in the beginning and end of life care has taught me so much. I love to welcome people where they are, as they are... helping us all realize that we are enough, that we are loved, and we need to be gentle with ourselves. I love how the practice of yoga can teach us strong coping skills physically and mentally to get through life challenges. I love learning ways to bring in more peace, calm, and joy Into our lives. The practice of yoga can help us build physical and mental stamina while learning to let go of thoughts or behaviors that may not be serving us well. I love teaching that people deserve to take time for themselves, to fill their cups so they can give to others in a way that only they uniquely can.

Jacci Wilson

Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing Yoga on-and-off since 2007. In 2021, I decided to pursue a certificate to teach, through YogaRenew, and I received my 200 HR YTT in multi style yoga. Yoga is an important part of my daily life and well-being. Yoga has been an important part of my journey in overcoming tragedies and traumas. I love sharing my passion with others and have witnessed others finding the same love for this practice. I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, which has been very beneficial in my yoga journey. I know the anatomy of the human body, which allows me to teach proper alignment and modifications as needed. My PTA background and my own personal yoga experience has given me the confidence needed to successfully share my passion with

Whitney Gavid

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

Over the years through my journey to wellness and traveling extensively I have been able to put into practice my life path of the healing arts. My passion lies in all things along the shamanistic path, walking the path of Spirit in tune with my body and earth energies. By practicing devotion in prayer, sweat lodges, kundalini yoga, 5 Rhythms dance and facilitating Cacao ceremonies I have developed my skills through real life experience. In my many journeys experiencing the mythical magic and legends of the land in distant places, traveling has taught me the very most about myself and accepting others. Knowing that this path of learning never ends, I trust in the vulnerability of truth and by centering back into that no matter how it looks is a part of the process of shedding and returning to the Heart of what I call Home. It is my heart's desire through different modalities of healing touch , vocal toning, drumming, crystal singing bowls and ancestral healing that I share my gifts with as many people as I can reach.

Marin Giesbrecht

Fresh Prep Meals Founder

Marin is the mother of 4 busy kids and the owner of Fresh Prep Meals in Pocatello. She started Fresh Prep Meals three years ago when she was working as a personal trainer at a local gym. Knowing the importance of nutrition for succeeding in lifestyle goals she set out to make this easier for her clients. What started as just a side job turned into a full time job for Marin and her employees. The business has continued to grow from delivering locally in Pocatello to now include Idaho Falls, Burley, & Blackfoot. Marin loves that Fresh Prep gets to help so many people feel better through fueling their bodies with healthy meals.