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Wildflower offers mental health treatment and wellness coaching in Pocatello, ID. Wildflower is dedicated to delivering the best mental health treatment and wellness coaching services in the industry.

Whether your need is therapy or coaching, we are dedicated to delivering research-based, creative and effective treatments and programs. We will help you through your struggles and help you achieve a balanced life.

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The Problem

I realized that within the fitness industry in Pocatello, ID and beyond, we were missing a more holistic approach to change that included a larger focus on mental health. I decided to increase my education and knowledge to better help those who desire true change.

My Approach

I view life through an existential lens. To create fulfillment, resilience and lasting change, a few things are necessary: connection and authenticity. Our life is our own. We are responsible for initiating the changes we desire. Because we do not live life as a solo artist, sometimes we need help and a different perspective to reach our goals. I am not sure I would be where I am today without the help of my counselors, therapists and supportive friends and family. Connection is part of growth.

Barriers will exist along the way. We have to expect the ups and downs. We become more resilient when we struggle, when we fail and more importantly, when we reassess our approach and do it all over again!

My Goal

I want you to have FREEDOM. By creating your unique essence as a human and choosing to act authentically, you will feel free. My goal is to simplify the process of change for you!

Learning to cope with many of life's difficulties is necessary. We can help you learn to manage stressors in order to feel more at peace with life in Pocatello, ID or another place. I would love to work with you if you are struggling with mental health or wellness issues that are causing chaos or continued stress in your life.

About My Services

  • A rounded approach based on wellness rather than just fitness
  • Learn balance in body, mind and spirit
  • Address internal/external barriers
  • Establish a value system
  • Increase self-motivation
  • Learn real principles of behavioral change

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